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Webinar: Rooting out the Rootkits

by Chris Boyd

If you were curious about what went on behind the scenes of the latest FaceTime bust, what was involved in sniffing out the bad guys, or even just a little more technical information on what a Botnet is, or how it relates to Rootkits in the first place - check this out:

Webinar: Rooting out the Rootkits, with Chris Boyd (that would be me) and Wayne Porter (that would be him!)

If you've never seen a webinar before, it's a live event, where people talk and show slides and stuff, and an audience listens in and gets to ask questions at the end.

When you click the link, simply input your contact details and install the software to play the Webinar. Let us know if you liked it - FaceTime do lots of these, and we have many more planned...

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