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Lover Spy- We Don't Love You

by Chris Criswell

It came to our attention a program was being shot-gunned through e-mail spam pitches called Lover Spy a.k.a. emailPI, a.k.a. EPI. Lover Spy offered the usual spyware pitch that enabled anyone to spy on the computer activity of their spouses or friends with a twist- they could do this by sending an electronic greeting card. The card carried a Trojan horse and set up a remote ?doorway? for the spy to watch keystroke activity as well as logging screen shots. The program drew a lot of media attention and to the best of our knowledge the site owners quickly shut down the site and abandoned the software. Clearly this type of behavior is unethical and illegal.

An astute reader brought it to our attention LoverSpy company claimed we ?endorsed? the LoverSpy program. Here is the quote from the now defunct Lover Spy website that only partially quoted the SPG description and made heavy use of ellipses.

"Lover Spy can be installed from a remote location and does keystroke, screen shots, and sends this information back to the person spying. These guys are way over the top...send spyware as trojans attached to greeting cards...Can also be installed in the "usual" way." - Spywareguide.com

We do not give out endorsements to be hosted on 3rd party sites. Nor do we endorse any spyware program nor will we ever do so. It is unfortunately common practice for unoriginal product pushers to quote or misquote information based sources. If you encounter any site saying SPG endorsed its use or operation please drop us a line and be wary as they are definitely marketing snake oil.

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