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Remove Hidden Data in Microsoft Office

by SpywareGuide Staff

Did you know that when you edit a Microsoft Word document there are all kinds of hidden meta-data that you cannot see? With this little add-in you can permanently remove hidden and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Word 2003/XP, Excel 2003/XP, and PowerPoint 2003/XP files.

The Remove Hidden Data add-in is a tool that you can use to remove personal or hidden data that might not be immediately apparent when you view the document in Microsoft Office. The tool is free but only works in 2003/XP. Click below to visit Microsoft and pickup the free download.

Remove Hidden Data Tool

Here is sample output on a file that has had hidden data removed. C:\Documents and Settings\Docs\My Documents\file.doc scanned at 1:49:55 PM on 3/30/2004
Different revisions of document not found.
Comments not found.
Early document versions not found.
Document template other than normal not found.
VB Module descriptions failed to remove. Reason: If the "Trust Access to Visual Basic Project" security setting is disabled, the tool cannot determine if the document contains a macro. Macros might contain personal information. Review security settings and macros and delete any that contain personal information.
Smart Tags found and removed.
SendForReview RCIDs not found.
Store random number in the document check found and removed.
Embedded objects not found.
Hidden Text not found.
Same-color text not found.
Custom properties not found.
Header and footer not found.
Hyperlinks found and user prompted. Result: kept
File Paths not found.
Bookmarks not found.
DSNs not found.
Field Codes not found.
VB Modules not found.
C:\Documents and Settings\Docs\My Documents\file.doc scanning complete

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