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Fima Case: Forensics Gone Wrong?

by SpywareGuide Staff

E-mail From User "Fima" I would like to send you some links to publications about my criminal case. I was forced to confess for possession of child porn

This is publication in Wired news

This is publication in The Register

This is article in Washington Times, May 22, 2004
There is information about my case.

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This is my story in www.inquisition21.com
Editor's Note: This link provides exhaustive information about the case.

The problems with my case were police forensics never searched for Trojans. They even did not provide Dates of files creation/downloaded.

All they wrote in criminal complaint: all pictures found in unallocated clusters.

Illigal pictures were deleted. Probably they were deleted from Internet cash, manually.

I usually did this. I think there was not the same hard drive clusters allocated to Internet Cash all the time. So after they are deleted, pics may be found in unallocated space.

May be I am wrong? My computer was held at Mitsubishi Electric office from July 29 to September 13, when they took off hard drive and sent it to police. HR person was angry with me. She later called the police and made false statement that I told her I had illigal porn on my laptop. If I was an idiot, I could do this. Why worker of Mitsubishi did this terrible thing, I do not know. But this is crime too, and may be much terrible crime.

Police searched my house on september 17, 2002, and found nothing. The confiscated PC, and laptop My friend ordered for me on Ebay. I was owner of this laptop only 4 weeks. In criminal complaint they put 16 pictures found in unallocated clusters,again without files names, folders, Dates. How it was possible to link those images to me? How it could be from forensic point of view. Also Police officer put in criminal complaint that I told him I downloaded child porn. Again I am not an idiot. They just needed to create case.


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