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The SpywareGuide research team has been at the forefront of spyware and privacy protection for years. The team spends considerable time researching and reporting on the topics that matter -- protecting your PC and privacy. The SpywareGuide Articles are the result of this effort. Topics covered included botnets, rootkits, IM worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy and much more.

If you have a Article you would like to submit, or would like to considered as a guest writer, please contact us.

You "Thawte" You Were Safe
Wayne Porter
The importance of understanding how much protection a digital signature extends to you the end user. Just because code is digitally signed does not mean it is inherently safe.

FTC Spyware WorkShop PDF Reference Files
Jan Hertsens
Archived presentations in PDF format. Including Orson Swindle, Bryson Gordon, Andrew McLaughlin, Jules Polonetsky, Jeffrey Friedberg, Wayne Porter and Rep. Sephen Urqhuart, Utah. Also includes Agenda and PanelistBios also included in PDF format courtesy of the FTC.

Adware Self Regulation- Not The Answer
Wayne Porter
Performance marketing leaders meet in 2002 to hammer out a Code of Conduct and how adware is impacting partner commerce specifically in the revenue sharing industry. Find the minutes inside and our own commentary.

Country Code Extensions Look-up
Wayne Porter

Kudos From Our Users
SpywareGuide Staff
Ok this is not an article, but we wanted to highlight some of the nice reviews people send in via Amazon. Thanks so much for your feedback, our staff and volunteers appreciate the kind words and encouragements.

Laptop Security and Laptop Theft Tips to Stay Protected
Jan Hertsens
Your laptop is your life, not to mention really expensive. Treat it like it is your last one and keep spies and thieves at bay with these simple survival strategies.

Spyware- Potential for Terrorism?
Wayne Porter
Could spyware be used for a terrorist attack? Not only could it be used to launch an attack it could possibly be used to fund an attack...with a deadly breed of botnets, spyware and rogue scripts the brew grows more dangerous.

Marketing Advice For Merchants on Adware
Wayne Porter
Adware sounds like a good pitch, but is it really good for you, your customers and your brand?

Tough Questions and Bad Behavior
Wayne Porter
Bad behavior and software. Questions we ask about the software we analyze.

Remove Hidden Data in Microsoft Office
SpywareGuide Staff
Every digital document has its own hidden trail. Preserve your privacy with this free add-on for Office 2003.

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