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The SpywareGuide research team has been at the forefront of spyware and privacy protection for years. The team spends considerable time researching and reporting on the topics that matter -- protecting your PC and privacy. The SpywareGuide Articles are the result of this effort. Topics covered included botnets, rootkits, IM worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy and much more.

If you have a Article you would like to submit, or would like to considered as a guest writer, please contact us.

True Story: Spyware Trouble in Australia
Wayne Porter
A detailed life example of how rogue applications can cost end-users their career and livelihood.

Release: Spyblock Act Legislation Introduced
SpywareGuide Staff
SPYBLOCK Act would require consent, uninstall capabilities for software.

Future Blog Fragment
Wayne Porter
If we had the chance to read a blogger fragment from the future what might it say? What might it teach us about our behavior today?

Lover Spy- We Don't Love You
Chris Criswell
Lover Spy goes to any length to make a sale. In true bottom-of-the-bucket fashion another spyware vendor makes their pitch with a twist.

A Day in the Life of Spies- Spyware Everywhere
Wayne Porter
Ever wonder who is doing the all spying? If you guessed your spouse, your boss, your kids, your neighbors, identity theives and corporate rogues you might be right.

What do you call it-- Spyware, Adware or Malware?
Wayne Porter
Everyone has a different opinion on what spyware and adware actually mean. Get SpywareGuide.com's take on these confusing definitions.

Media Research II: Identity Theft
SpywareGuide Staff
Media research on identity theft, crimes and related legislation.

Media Research: Identity Theft
SpywareGuide Staff
Recent news pieces on identity theft

Code of Conduct and Adware Guidelines
Wayne Porter
The three leading network providers and other industry leaders meet to create a code of conduct with the purpose of enforcing ethical behavior among adware software vendors.

RIAA- The New Super Spy
Wayne Porter
Everything you wanted to know about the RIAA, supernodes, and how users are hunted down by their digital footprints. The price is starting to get steep for some users as the Recording Industry Association of America has went on a rampage of lawsuits against individual's who are sharing copyrighted files via P2P networks.

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