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The SpywareGuide research team has been at the forefront of spyware and privacy protection for years. The team spends considerable time researching and reporting on the topics that matter -- protecting your PC and privacy. The SpywareGuide Articles are the result of this effort. Topics covered included botnets, rootkits, IM worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy and much more.

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Proxy Resources for Anonymous Surfing
Jan Hertsens, Chris Criswell
Breakdown on what anonymous proxies are, how they work, and decide whether accessing them is worth the risk.

Quick and Safe Password Selection Tips
K. Tradowsky
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This really applies to your personal Internet security. Follow these basic guidelines and you greatly reduce the chances of ever having your passwords broken or security compromised.

Better Living Through Encryption- PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Jan Hertsens
The best protection against your adversary (boss, spouse or criminal) finding incriminating evidence against you left behind on a hard disk, is make sure they do not have access to it.

Remote Spyware Use- Warning to Parents
Wayne Porter
Remote spyware sounds good, but it can be a major security hazard waiting to trip you up. Ensure the software that is supposed to keep your children safe isn't exposing them to even greater hazards.

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