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Media Research II: Identity Theft

by SpywareGuide Staff

KEY figure sentenced in identity theft case Fort Worth Star Telegram
Fort Worth,TX,USA
One of the main players in a family charged last spring with operating a large identity theft ring was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison. ...

AVOID identity theft
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - Hopkinsville,KY,USA ...
It's called identity theft and said to be the fastest growing crime in the nation, it's rate having doubled in each of the last four years.

HERE'S one way to stop identity theft
Chicago Sun Times - Chicago,IL,USA
...faithfully followed the advice from banks, credit bureaus and the police about steps that one should take to make oneself less vulnerable to identity theft. ...

IDENTITY theft apparent goal of loan company
Evansville Courier & Press - Evansville,IN,US..
telemarketing. The group's apparent goal is to solicit loan applications and then commit identity theft, according to the local BBB office.

PROTECT Yourself From Identity Theft
Channel Oklahoma.com - Oklahoma City,OK,USA As with any crime, you can't guarantee that you will never be a victim of identity theft, but you can minimize your risk. By managing ...

BUYER Beware Extra: Knives, Identity Theft Insurance
Boston Channel.com - Boston,MA,USA
... There is a new way to protect yourself from identity theft -- insurance.
Several companies are offering the insurance and it covers ...

FORMER Employee In Sheriff's Office Accused Of Identity Theft
CHARLOTTE, NC -- A former employee of the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office is accused of stealing the identities of her co-workers. ...

ARREST made in identity theft case
Salina Journal - Salina,KS,USA
... Sweeney said the theft was uncovered when Garcia applied for Social
Security benefits and was told that records showed she was working in

BILLS target identity theft, documentation
Rutland Herald - Rutland,VT,USA
Identity theft is a mushrooming problem in this country, with an estimated
10 million victims and a cost of $53 billion in the last fiscal year alone

PRISONER Pleads Guilty On Identity Theft
WREG - Memphis,TN,USA
Memphis, TN - The woman who lead an identity theft ring from prison pleads
guilty in Memphis Federal Court. Patricia Johnson and ...

AUTHENTIFY Thwarts Identity Theft With a Modern Twist to a ...
Yahoo News (press release) - USA
... The ability to control a particular phone at a particular point in
time is a deceptively powerful deterrent to account takeovers and identity
theft," said ...

JURY convicts fugitive of identity theft
Denton Record Chronicle (subscription) - Denton,TX,USA
A Nigerian national who opened fraudulent bank accounts in Dallas using
the identities of several Americans was convicted by a federal jury Thursday,
even ...

IDENTITY theft crimes span simple to elaborate
Fond du Lac Reporter - Fond du Lac,WI,USA
... According to an estimate by federal officials, more than 27 million
Americans have been victims of identity theft or credit-card fraud in
the past five years. ...

FORMER employee in sheriff's department accused of identity theft
News 14 Carolina - Raleigh,NC,USA
(CHARLOTTE) -- A former employee of the Mecklenburg County sheriff's department
is accused of stealing the identities of her co-workers. ...

STATE waits to enforce identity theft legislation Post offices,
Central Maine Daily Sentinel - Waterville,ME,USA
... I was a victim of identity theft. Someone was using my debit card number,"
said Dow, spokesman for the Attorney General's Office. ...

POLICE: Identity theft ring targeted Glen Cove
Times-Herald - Vallejo,CA,USA
Four people from Vallejo have been arrested in connection with an alleged
identity theft ring that targeted Glen Cove residents, police said Thursday.

IDENTITY theft is fastest-growing crime in US
Bolivar Herald Free Press - Bolivar,MO,USA
Identity theft is the fastest-growing financial crime in the United States,
according to the US Department of Justice, costing Americans untold millions
every ...

MARSHFIELD couple dealing with identity theft aftermath
Harrison Daily Times - Harrison,AR,USA
... residents Linda and Tim Lott look back over documents they have collected
in their fight to restore Tim's credit rating after falling victim to
identity theft ...

PROGRAM increases awareness of mail fraud and identity theft
Allentown Morning Call - Allentown,PA,USA
... Geem said ? and he sent it, attended a presentation Thursday at the
Quakertown Post Office in Richland Township that discussed mail fraud
and identity theft ...

Sussex Sun - Sussex,WI,USA
... fraud center. Finally, do a simple "identity theft" search to find
many resources address?ing this issue. Sussex contracts with ...

Hillsboro Argus - Hillsboro,OR,USA
By Ian Rollins. It's not hard to figure out why identity theft is the
crime in the country. Anyone can do it anywhere. ...

IDENTITY theft on the rise in state
Greenwood Democrat - Greenwood,AR,USA
... General Mike Beebe today provided Arkansans with the latest information
about consumer fraud in Arkansas, especially the sharp increase in identity
theft. ...

LES changes may reduce identity theft
Hilltop Times - Hill Air Force Base,UT,USA
... Leave and earning statements for all service members and Defense Department
civilians, and paychecks for military retirees will soon have more identity
theft ...

IDENTITY theft: a pernicious and costly fraud
It presents a broad study of identity theft, at times compared with traditional
payment fraud, and continues with an evaluation of its overall risk to
consumers ...

WOMAN reports identity theft
Moultrie Observer - Moultrie,GA,USA
... knowledge since Jan. 3. Janice Madison of East Madison Avenue reported
the stolen identity to police Monday. Reports said Madison ...

MAN who ran identity theft ring given prison time, fine
Hampton Roads Daily Press - Newport,VA,USA
... - A man who ran a nationwide identity theft ring was sentenced Tuesday
in US District Court to 12 years in prison and ordered to repay $1.3 million.

IDENTITY theft nothing new for Austin
KAAL - Austin,MN,USA
... Identity theft isn't anything knew for the city of Austin says Austin
Police Captain Curt Rude, "It's becoming fairly routine. This ...

SEC sues Seattle man, alleging identity theft
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
SAN FRANCISCO -- The US Securities and Exchange Commission sued a Seattle
day-trader Tuesday, alleging he ran a fraudulent scheme by creating or
stealing ...

PHILADELPHIA Fed Conference Focuses on Identity Theft
PRNewswire (press release) - USA
... The Payment Cards Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
and the Gartner Fellows Program recently sponsored a one-day forum, "Identity
Theft: Where ...

STUDENTS at risk for identity theft
Daily Pennsylvanian - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... Identity theft is when some aspect of your personal identity is acquired
by a person who would use it for illegal purposes," DeBlois said. ...

IS Your Mailbox a Lure for Identity Theft?
ABC News - USA
... The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 400,000 Americans last
year had their mail stolen, and subsequently became the victims of identity
theft. ...

ROSELLE police warn of identity theft
Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
By Kat Zeman Daily Herald Staff Writer. Identity theft is a growing concern
for authorities throughout the nation. In Roselle, police ...

CHANGES Made to LES to Reduce Identity Theft
Navy News Stand (press release) - USA
... LES) for all service members and Defense Department civilians, and
paychecks for military retirees will soon have more protection against
identity theft. ...

18-YEAR-OLD Latest Victim Of Identity Theft
KOMO - Seattle,WA,USA
... But it found her. At 18, Sam may be one of the youngest identity theft
victims. "They kinda took over my life," says Sam. The trouble started
at Sam's mailbox. ...

OFFICERS Need Help With Identity Theft Cases
WTOV9.com - Steubenville,OH,USA
Identity theft is a fast-growing, high-tech crime that happens in the Ohio
Valley more than you might think. And right now, there ...

IDENTITY theft on the rise
OSU Daily Barometer - Corvallis,OR,USA
... Although identity theft is on the rise, an awareness to the crime can
be a person's best defense, Renz and Peterson agreed. Joshua ...

IDENTITY theft: A reckless crime on the rapid rise
Harrison Daily Times - Harrison,AR,USA
... Identity theft is the fastest-growing financial crime in the US, according
to the US Department of Justice, costing Americans untold millions every
year. ...

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