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Property Values, Satellite Maps and Zillow

by SpywareGuide Staff


As more and more data becomes accessible online it becomes easier for everyone, including prying neighbors to access it with ease.

We found this site http://www.zillow.com/ that allows users to access property values for homes (including increases and declines in value), satellite images and even more interesting details. It is a great service with a lot of useful potential but like any information service it could be abused. The data is based on county-wide data, so it is publicly accessible but the online service makes it very easy to do from home. With Zillow, property values, satellite images, average mortgage rates, and home appraisals.

Is too much information online a bad thing? It all depends on how it is used. Try it for yourself and see and rest assured there will be a number of similiar services crop up. Of course, one can easily use the free Google Earth to inspect properties in incredible details- located in the Google Pack.



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