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U.S. Treasury Department Releases Free Identity Theft DVD

by SpywareGuide Staff

Date: 01/26/2006

The Treasury Department has released a DVD that informs consumers about identity theft, how to protect themselves against the crime and what to do if they fall victim.  The DVD, entitled “Identity Theft: Outsmarting the Crooks,” features a resource library of downloadable materials, including sample forms and letters that victims can use in reporting the crime and collecting evidence.

Copies of the Treasury Department DVD are available through the Federal Citizen Information Center.

Contact the FCIC at www.pueblo.gsa.gov , toll-free at 1-888-878-3256, or by writing to: FCIC -05B, PO Box 100, Pueblo, CO 81002. The DVD is free, but there will be a modest handling and shipping charge. Supplies are limited. Order Number 635NN.

Video Streams of DVD Excerpt

Resource Library Materials: The Resource Library materials contained in the DVD can be downloaded from your PC and are accessible at the links below. They are drawn from the video discussion, developed as background by the Treasury Department, or taken from the Federal Trade Commission’s useful identity theft web site (www.consumers.gov/idtheft). The PowerPoint Companion Learning Guide accessible below generally tracks the content of the DVD, while the English and Spanish transcripts capture the video verbatim. Web links relate to the agencies and organizations that were represented or mentioned in the video.

DVD Companion Learning Guide (Requires Adobe PDF Reader)

Obtaining Credit Reports
Identity Theft Tips, Forms, and Facts
Transcripts of the DVD
Identity Theft Links

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