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Worm Propogates via AOL IM Installs Rootkit & Adware

by FaceTime Security Lab Staff

Foster City, CALIF ? October 28, 2005 - FaceTime Security Labs identified and reported a new threat being propagated through the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) network. The worm is being passed through instant messages from members on a user?s Buddy List and within AOL chat rooms. FaceTime researchers confirmed today that the W32/Sdbot-ADD - identified previously by including an adware bundle ? also includes the lockx.exe rootkit file. The executable provides an attacker with the capability to upload, download and monitor the infected host. Furthermore, the executable attempts to shut down anti-virus programs and leaves a backdoor on the host PC to install additional software.

Who is affected: All AIM PC users are at risk by new IM exploit.

Description: New IM exploit launched through AIM, that:

  • Adds a lockx.exe rootkit that connects to an IRC server, awaiting remote commands from an attacker. Rootkits may be used by an intruder after cracking a computer system and often hides logins, processes, files, and logs. It may include software to intercept data from terminals, network connections, and the keyboard

  • Acts as a vector for additional adware, worms and viruses

  • Changes a viewer?s original search page to http://www.eza1netsearch.com/sp2.php

  • Often increases the CPU usage to 100 percent after the malware is installed

  • Downloads other applications, including 180Solutions, Zango, the Freepod Toolbar, MaxSearch, Media Gateway, and SearchMiracle

FaceTime Enterprise Edition and IMAuditor customers can proactively block these malicious threats and prevent infections before they happen by blocking downloads of the specific executable files associated with the threat. For more information, visit FaceTime Security Labs? reference site at http://www.facetime.com/securitylabs/imp2pthreats.aspx

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